Research Areas

Areas of Research

Our research encompasses grassroots social enterprises in SEWA as well as various aspects of the lives and livelihoods of informal female workers in SEWA.

Social Enterprises

SEWA has been working in this sector and the domain of women’s economic empowerment extensively for over 40 years. Research on social enterprises in SEWA is being done to investigate the relationship between social enterprises and women’s economic empowerment as well as to design targeted interventions across enterprises and help set up an ecosystem in which they can thrive.

Land Rights

SEWA Bharat’s Land Rights vertical collects evidence on the intersectionality between housing, work and gender in the informal economy, with a focus on studying the link between access to land rights and women’s economic empowerment. Land Rights investigates the link between livelihoods and access to land, housing, sanitation and other community services.


The SEWA model is built on the collective strength of communities who mobilise and collectively work to empower themselves and improve their lives.